Gallery Across From Ago

Grange Park - Toronto, ON

Reviews for Ekin


May 2019 | Gallery Across From Ago

This location was the perfect hosting space to accommodate a large group after the AGO at a very reasonable rate. Your team was fantastic when I arrived and what was communicated was available. Everyone was quick to accommodate preferences like changing the lighting and even the music and layout of furniture. Communication with your partner was prompt. Thank you for the fantastic event space rental!


February 2019 | Gallery Across From Ago

Matt and his staff were very accommodating and helpful. Keep up the great work!


December 2018 | Private Contemporary Event Space

The venue is not bad, the positive of this space is the cafe bar, the venue is clean . But the problem et the communication with matt. I wasn t there, his employers did nit know how to help me, what we can do or not it was not very clear. Before the end of our event the ask us to go because they have a new clients who also booked the same our than us. So I paid the all day but i ca't use them. I was very angry about that.


September 2018 | Private Contemporary Event Space

A great space and our event was a success. Jesse the manager was so sweet. He was quick to answer any question or concerns that we had in a timely matter. The only disappointment I had was that they space said that they have a kitchen. This venue did not have a kitchen but a room where a fridge and stove were plugged in. There was no counter space and the fridge was already full with items from their cafe upstairs. When using this venue you would have to put a lot of thought into catering in order to ensure safe handling of food. Nonetheless our guest loved the space. Almost forgot... One thing that I didn't appreciate was a random couple viewing the venue during our event. I read in a review for this listing that this too happen to them. I think that was very disrespectful. The staff member that brought them down to view the venue didn't even mention to me that they were allowing someone access to roam around. I just happened to walk into complete strangers and they were the ones that made me aware (was not impressed to say the least)


August 2018 | Gallery Across From Ago

I can not write a review for this "Gallery Across from the AGO" listing because I found out the morning of my event that my event was going to be in the lower level of this location and not the level that I booked which is this listing that is upstairs on the main floor. Matt was very helpful for the four months I had this location booked. When I messaged him asking questions prior to the event he wasn't quick to respond but responded nonetheless. However, Matt went on a vacation a week before my scheduled event date and left me in the hands of Jesse. Jesse was amazing and very helpful at the venue, but Matt left him holding the bag by telling him I was to be put in the downstairs gallery (which is a completely separate and different listing on this website, see I was told the morning of my scheduled event that I was not able to use the space that I paid for / planned to use and that Matt had booked someone else into the space I booked instead and I was being put in the lower level. I literally had no choice but to take the lower level as Matt double booked. For the four months I had this booked, not once did Matt inform me that I wouldn't be using the listing I paid for nor did he inform me there was even a lower lever that again, is not the listing I paid for. I am still not impressed with the fact that Matt did not inform me once about this change, left Jesse as the messenger the morning of and I was forced into another space with no choice. This meant the morning of my event when I have to get things ready, I had to let every single person who bought tickets know that the space that I was advertising for months was incorrect on top of that. The space I was in was not at street level and could not be seen by those looking to attend. I had to pay my security guard extra to stand that the top of the stairs at street level and instruct people that the event was moved downstairs. Also, the lower location is not accessible for elderly/ wheelchairs at all, given that I had some older attendees this was not good, especially when there are more stairs for getting to the lower level than there are stairs to get to the main level which again, is the level I booked. Being who I am, I made it work but the principle of the matter is that this whole situation was handled unprofessionally and unfairly. Jesse was amazing, but I have yet to hear from Matt regarding this change since I booked four month ago. The space was great, but this place needs to get more organized.


May 2018 | Gallery Across From Ago

The venue was perfect for my exhibition. The staff was really nice and helpful. The event ran smoothly without any issues. I would definitely use the space again for another event.


November 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

Our event was a great success, Matt provided the bar and bar staff and they were wonderful. Matt was really easy to communicate with, and always responded promptly. The event before us broke the coat rack, which was a bit of an issue for my event, but we were able to solve it.


September 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

The art space has a layout that allows people to spread out nicely without feeling sparse and Matt's team was extremely helpful with setting up chairs, tables, and glassware for us.


September 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

Booked the space for a closed video shoot. Great space, easy to deal with and very nice people. However, we had an issue with being partially double booked for the time we paid for, and as such lost the ability to use our first several hours as we had planned to use it: for lighting tests and set-up. We were not informed that the gallery had an agreement with an artist (whose work was on display at the gallery for a period of time) that it would remain open to the public with the house lights on until 6pm (we paid to start our booking at 3pm). As such our set-up, and subsequently our entire video shoot, were rushed. No partial reimbursement or discount was given.


May 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

The gallery was a great a venue for my pre-launch. The staff were accommodating and the venue was clean, light and airy. I would rent this space again because it has lots of space but is still intimate. It would be great for a reunion-type event or a birthday.


May 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

This space was very beautiful, staff were very nice. I would definitely use it again for future events, my guest also loved the space. I would recommend it to anyone looking to have a gathering.


April 2017 | Gallery Across From Ago

Matt and his team were wonderful! Had a fabulous event.


January 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

Great venue, great staff. Hosted a birthday party with 90 people and Matt and his business partners were amazing with accommodating my budget and making the event run smoothly. Highly recommend this place for events .


January 2017 | Private Contemporary Event Space

This venue was perfect for my party! Matt was very easy to communicate with and was able to help with anything we needed! I would definitely book here again!!