Toronto’s Most Affordable Production Spaces

August 23, 2017

Let’s face it –  finding a space for your production needs in the heart of the city can be tough and expensive. Well, we’ve curated the most unique spaces to book for under $50 an hour to capture the perfect shot.

Do you have a keen eye and creative edge? Well, get ready because we have curated a list of the most affordable production studios, warehouses, and lofts in Toronto – we’re talking $50 and under per hour. It’s practically stealing! In this list, you can find some of the city’s most unique spaces to inspire your next project from photo to film these hidden gems will give you the space you need to create.

Spacious Loft with Old Factory Windows

Are you looking for the perfect space for your next creative shoot? With an open-concept layout, 14 foot ceilings, and 1200 square feet of space it can easily hold groups of up to 50 people. Production is made simple with a built-in Sonos sound system and Bluetooth, as well as DSLR camera and ring light rentals available upon request.

Downtown Toronto Studio for Photoshoots

This newly renovated studio is an amazing space for natural light photography! Equipped with 1,000 square feet of open space – it is available for photoshoots, workshops, video shoots and more. Once you make a booking, there is a practically endless list of equipment provided to aid your production at no extra cost, making it an easy-use, hassle-free space.

Gorgeous Urban Loft Creator Space

Located in the heart of Moss Park, this 950 square foot loft is ideal for hosting all types of events and shoots from music videos to feature film crews. Efficiency focused, equipped with a back room for hair and makeup as well as Chromecast and Audio hookups, and 100″ 1080p HD Projector with 5.1 Surround Sound. This professional-level space will have your next shoot on a billboard near you in no time.

Diverse Character Multi-Use Studio

This huge 2000 sq foot space brimming with 150 years worth of character is perfect for private production. It’s a dream for studio and film producers alike with multiple rooms, indoor and outdoor workspaces, and an open 3000 sq foot private rooftop suited for meetings, events, and shooting.

Well-Lit Studio with High Ceilings

Available for both half day (4 hour) and full day (8 hour) rentals, this studio loft is a great space for photography, video, and film production. This space includes blackout velvet drapes to control the natural lighting at any time of day, perfect for shoots or work that runs late. It is a highly curated space that is very clean and easy to set up!

Bright Studio Gallery in Junction Triangle

This bright 520 square foot studio gallery in Junction Triangle is not only filled with historical context but versatile enough to accommodate exhibitions, gallery shows, photoshoots, and more. It’s huge vaulted industrial windows lets in an abundance of light hitting the original exposed whitewashed brick walls, making it perfect for photoshoots and filming. With both TTC and public parking nearby, the space is easily accessible for groups small and big alike.

Production Studio 3

Located in Mississauga, Ontario this 1500 square foot space is a dream for all types of production work. It’s private with an abundance of natural lighting and a shooting platform! Amenities include WiFi at no extra cost, speakers, a fitting room, and more, all for a booking price of $21 per hour.

Authentic Super Sunny Hard Loft

Equipped with gorgeous high ceilings, exposed brick, and over 900 square feet, this cultured loft space is the right fit for all kinds of pop of productions. The huge windows give every photo taken here a gorgeous natural look which makes it a great choice for creative campaigns and production events, but this open-concept space makes it a top choice for meetings as well.

Searching for production spaces shouldn’t be hard. Take full advantage of these creative spaces, equipped with a wide range of amenities, and equipment to curate your perfect shot, all for less than $50!

Are you looking for a creative studio space for your next day of production or photo shoot? Start your search for the perfect space right here.