Let’s Have a Sleepover – Adult Style

October 20, 2017

Even though you’re a grown up, you can find yourself sharing sleeping quarters for any number of reasons. Here are our tips for curating the perfect adult sleepover.

Happy Meals, carnival rides, guilt-free daytime naps, trick-or-treating—some things are only acceptable under the age of eight. Sleepovers, however are appropriate at any age. And truthfully, they seem to get better the older we get. No matter if it’s a boys’ weekend, a family trip for the holidays, or a romantic night in, if you replace the pillow forts in your parents’ basement with some thoughtfully curated supplies, you’re in for an unforgettable evening.

Guys’ Getaway in the Woods: Rugged Meets Refined

Sure, you might be in the middle of nowhere—no cell reception, battling grizzlies and relying solely on your natural grit to stay alive—but you can still look up your rugged factor with a Journey West Blanket from Pendleton. And when you need to clean yourself up after catching your own dinner (well done, you!), a set of super-soft brushed cotton towels from Merchant Sons is the perfect thing to wrap up in. When you’re ready to rest your weary head at the end of the night, treat yourself to small luxuries, like a hypo-allergenic down pillow from Canadian Down & Feather (because a three-chamber pillow-in-pillow design is truly what separates man from beast.) When you’re ready to re-enter society, a little grooming goes a long way. Oil that beard with Park Ranger Beard Oil from Peregrine Supply to look and smell like the woodsman you are.

Romantic Night In: You Shouldn’t Have (But You Absolutely Should Have)


For this kind of adult sleepover, setting the mood is key. Set your phone to “do not disturb,” bust out Nanna’s super-secret Bolognese recipe and for heaven’s sake don’t serve dinner at your coffee table. A stone-top round dining table from Kroft has the right dimension for some across-the-table hand holding. Nothing says “romance” like candlelight, so make sure you’re ready with some hand-poured concrete candlestick holders from Richard Clarkson. And for the sleepover portion, you’d be wise to choose a duvet filled with 100% mulberry silk from Serica Home, and a little Canadian-made lingerie from Mary Young is never a bad idea. And finally, if things take an especially adult turn, it’s a great idea to be prepared with a toy from Dame Products – it’s not presumptuous, it’s preparedness.

Family Night: Bring Yo Kids, Bring Yo Wife

Pack up the minivan, strap the kids in—it’s time for a trip to visit the fam! This kind of sleepover is certainly the most reminiscent of the childhood variety, but instead of grungy sleeping bags on the floor, you’re sleeping in the guest bedroom on a heavenly mattress from Endy. After you get the kids ready for bed in their Little Auggie PJs, you’re ready for a little adult fun. Which, let’s be honest, involves a relaxing bath with a Bathorium bath bomb and a good night’s sleep—the kind you only get when your snoring-prone partner uses the Smart Nora snoring solution.

Girl’s Night: Sisterhood of the Powerful, Independent Ladies

There’s nothing quite like connecting with your favourite girlfriends. Slip into something a little more comfortable from The Sleep Shirt, put on a brightening face mask from Leaves of Trees, and casually plot world domination over a few giggles. A moon calendar from Margins Imprints offers a handy and stylish tool to plot your progress against the phases of the moon. And when all is said and done, get a jumpstart the next morning with breakfast delivered to your door by Oatbox. After all, the early bird gets the promotion with the corporate spending account and fancy corner office.

Whether it’s a weekend in the woods, a romantic night in or a ladies night, investing in the right supplies can take your next sleepover up a notch. If you’re in Toronto, you can outfit your next slumber party in person—visit Sleepover, our first experience-driven retail store celebrating everything you love about sleep. Sweet dreams, adults.

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