Sleepover: Introducing Sleep Better by The Quiet Company

October 12, 2017

Toronto’s first modern meditation studio, The Quiet Company brings a four-part meditation series to Sleepover to help you rest easy and sleep better.

Mindfulness has become a practice that is becoming increasingly popular due to the demand of the daily 9 to 5. We all can think of a time we’ve become overworked, distracted and have found ourselves forgetting to prioritize our own well-being. Taking the time for a moment of pause is crucial and this is something Toronto-based modern meditation studio The Quiet Company knows all too well.

Emily Thring, Founder of The Quiet Company created her business with a vision of providing  her community whom are living in a busy city a sanctuary space where they could create balance and eliminate stress. She recalls “I created The Quiet Company as a place for people to come together and find stillness in this busy city with the goal of making meditation a part of your daily routine”. The Quiet Company is the first of its kind in the city offering a modern space where you come to disconnect with ease; “As a busy person in the city I wanted it to be easy, relatable and fit into individuals daily schedule. Looking at drop-in classes where you can learn but also create accountability through a routine like we do with exercise.”

The Quiet Company now has a regular in-house schedule but they are also on the move bringing mindfulness to you – over regular classes and workshops in spaces all over Toronto. thisopenspace and The Quiet Company have collaborated on an interactive meditation series at our first experience-driven retail store Sleepover. This series will occur every Monday starting October 16th and ending November 3rd. We will be hosting an engaging workshop called Sleep Better which will focus on building meditation into your daily routine and focus on ritual to help you sleepover better. Following this workshop, we will be hosting a weekly Monday Meditation in the evenings to help you rest easy. Get the details below:

Event Dates

Sleep Better Workshop

Led by Tara Good

Monday, October 16th

$15 Per Person

6:45 PM to 8:00 PM

Monday Meditation

Led by Bryonie Wise 

Monday, October 23rd – November 13th

6:45 PM to 7:30 PM

$10 Per Person

Come down to 950 Queen Street West and connect with us all while diving deep into the practices of meditation with The Quiet Company so that we can help you rest easy and sleep better. Can’t make it? Check out Sleepover by thisopenspace Monday to Saturday 11AM to 7PM and Sundays 12 PM to 6PM.

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