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Sleep Hacks From Moonlit Skincare

January 31, 2018

Stephy Kim (pictured above) and Kriszta Matyi, co-founders of Moonlit, bring you a skincare brand dedicated entirely to wind-down rituals, pampering PM-products, and beauty sleep. 

How Moonlit Came to Be

Best friends and former roommates at Parsons School of Design, Stephy and Kriszta saw the damage of stress and late nights wreaking havoc on their skin and sleep routines. They searched for a simple nighttime solution, but only found mysterious “night” creams with high price points (for an older demographic), and generic packaging that looked terrible on night-stands.

“The idea was born out of noticing how much better our skin was when we got enough rest. We’re creating a beauty brand that focuses on the roots of health, and sleep as a pillar of that is essential,” says Los Angeles-based Kim. “As a younger beauty consumer, I was frustrated that sleep was an afterthought, and it shouldn’t be- especially when it comes to beauty.”

Night-time as Primetime

Quality sleep is always recommended for great skin so they sought out to create a brand that emphasizes nighttime skincare and sleep wellness. Night-time is skincare primetime as the skin’s protective barrier weakens in the evening, allowing for greater penetration of ingredients. The production of human growth hormones surges after adequate rest. All Moonlit products strive to encourage healthy wind-down routines and sync ingredients with the power of sleep.

Stephy shares her favorite sleep hacks below (so easy, you can even try a few tonight)

– Banana + Cinnamon Tea – Boil a small pot of water. Grab a whole organic banana and give it a quick rinse. Slice off the two ends and pop it into the water. Let it boil for 10 min, then pour that magnesium and potassium-rich water through a colander and into your favorite mug. Magnesium deficiency leads to insomnia while potassium helps you stay asleep throughout the night. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy 1 hour before bedtime.

– Need background noise to lull you to sleep? We keep Rainymood on standby while we apply our Midnight Shift Facial Oil before bed. Here’s the low-down on why Rainymood and white noise machines work: In the quiet of a night, any random noise, whether a passing car or a creaking floorboard, is likely to activate the restless brain, waking you up. Constant white noise gives your brain a signal to dampen its own internal systems and work on getting you to bed.

– A warm bath helps release sleep hormones. Sure, baths are super relaxing but the real magic happens when you exit the tub. Your body temperature rapidly decreases, causing your heart rate to also slow down and release melatonin (the cold allows your body to mimic hibernation pattern). Also, bonus points if you can keep your phone outside of the bathroom. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read instead.

And finally our number 1 tip: Keep your phone out of the bedroom. (Yes, we know, many times have you heard it this year?) But seriously, mute it and leave it in your kitchen drawer for one night to start. If anything, it will make you conscious of how embarrassingly often you reach over for your phone while you try to sleep. If you’re nervous about switching over to an analog clock, try this “no phone in bedroom experiment” on a night that doesn’t demand a strict wake-up time (ie: Saturday, Sunday). Couple this with our ‘let me sleep’ eye mask to block our distracting lights and get ready to snooze.

All Moonlit products, including the “let me sleep” eye mask, are available at Sleepover by thisopenspace located at 950 Queen Street West in Toronto.