Showroom Style: New York’s Best Spaces for Bridal Fashion Week

September 12, 2017

Light-filled, white-washed, open and adaptable. We’ve curated the best showroom spaces for Bridal Fashion Week – let’s get started New York City.

You may have thought Fashion Week was over but you thought wrong; New York Bridal Fashion Week is the pinnacle for anything and everything you need to know about bridal fashion. We’ve curated the best showroom spaces in New York City for the perfect backdrop to help brides find their dream dress.

Light Filled Tribeca Loft

Nothing says feminine like a pale pink palette. This space is a full floor loft filled with natural light and complimented by elegant furniture. This loft will let your brides to shine creating that pinnacle moment that is finding the perfect dress.

Sunny Loft With Skyline View

This showroom space will not only showcase your product but also the city’s skyline overlooking the Manhattan Bridge and the East River. Pop-up in this 1400 square foot loft with an unlimited amount of natural daylight with windows across the space that flood the room but don’t worry there are blackout shades on site if you need. 

Industrial Chic Loft on the Bowery

If you love to get your hands on a blank canvas to turn your vision into a reality this space on The Bowery in Lower Manhattan is exactly what you need. This multidimensional creative space is easily convertible to suit any brand and or event – therefore, there is nothing too small or big to take place in this space.

Elegant Luxurious Chelsea Studio

Just a few minutes from the heart of midtown, this beautiful studio has the perfect feminine flair to create an intimate bridal showroom during this year’s Fashion Week. This space is a generous size coming in at 1500 square feet giving you the ability to showcase your brand but also curate an experience that tempts all the senses. 

Modern Downtown Space and Showroom

This modern showroom space is located on a historic, cobblestone street giving the essence of roaming the streets of Europe all while being in the heart of Tribeca. This space is a mix between fabulous and functional making it the perfect showroom space for any brand to execute your fittings. 

Whitewashed Loft with Natural Daylight

Shake up the standard with this raw loft space located in Chinatown perfect for the special event, shoot production or your pop-up showroom. This space is filled with a mix of textures giving a full sensory experience including all white interior, mixed with textured brick walls and 14 feet high exposed ceilings. 

New York is and always will be the fashion capital but it also embodies the best of the best when it comes to bridal. No matter what the stage of your brand make sure you are showcasing your product in these showroom spaces. Let’s give these soon to be brides the bridal pieces they need straight from the runway to the showroom. We’ll see you in October NY Bridal Fashion week and we look forward to it.

Looking for the best of New York’s loft and studio spaces for your showroom or brand activation? Get started right here.