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Pop-Up Shops: Everything You Need to Know to Create a Temporary Retail Space For Your Brand

March 8, 2017

More brands, both big and small, are leaning on pop-up shops to show off their prized merchandise. These tiny, temporary retail spaces are a fresh take on traditional big-box stores  — and they’ve successfully caught the eye (and disposable income) of millions of shoppers worldwide.

But really, what are these mini storefronts all about? These branded spaces offer new and existing brands a chance to sell their products IRL without committing major bucks to a permanent storefront. They can take shape as a leased storefront, a branded booth at a farmer’s market or fair, or even that adorable lemonade stand your neighbourhood kiddos set up in the summer.

And after more than 20 years of helping brands hawk their wares face-to-face with customers, pop ups are far more than a passing fad — they’re now an industry institution (and rightfully so).

It’s no wonder more brands are jumping on the pop-up bandwagon: According to data from trade publication Independent Retailer, pop-up shops make around $50 billion in sales each year. So, more and more retailers use pop ups as part of their overall marketing strategy to vie for a hearty slice of that billion-dollar pie.

Now you can better understand the appeal of these charming shops. And these are just a few reasons the likes of retail giants like Nordstrom and Amazon, alongside scrappy upstarts like Mountain Standard, are using pop ups to proudly show off their products.

And you, fair reader, probably want to prep own pop-up shop and get it running like a well-oiled machine. You long to connect offline with your customers, get all that valuable live feedback, and run demos on your merchandise. Read on, dear friends! From here, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step gameplan to get you started — and all the necessary nitty gritty to run a seamless (and successful) pop-up shop.

Part I: Why Host a Pop-Up Shop?

Part II: Creating Your Pop-Up Plan

Part III: Setting Up Your Pop-Up Shop

Part IV: Managing and Marketing Your Pop-Up Shop

Part V: Measuring the Success of Your Pop-Up Shop

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