Meet Nicole: The Night Owl

January 5, 2018

Meet our Early Riser’s and Night Owl’s this is a series launched by thisopenspace where we sit down with the most talented community members in Toronto. We asked them to share with us everything to do with why they love to sleep.

Meet Nicole, born and raised in Toronto – Nicole is one of Toronto’s finest hustlin’ day to day as a visual artist and graphic designer full-time with Indigo. She doesn’t limit her creativity to her nine-to-five but outside of it, you can find her making art, designing and pursuing creative projects as her side-hustle. Her creative endeavors fill up her day making Nicole a resident night owl – she uses her evenings to fuel her creativity but when she is ready for bed she has a curated night time ritual that only a night owl would possess. We caught up with Nicole to chat about her sleep ritual and favourite sleep-related products.

Are you a Night Owl or Early Riser? And Why?

I’d say more a night owl than an early riser but likely somewhere in between. I enjoy mornings and nights and can find creative inspiration during both times. Because I work full-time, evenings are an important time for me to work on personal projects and art, so that can influence me to stay up and work into the night.

How does being a Night Owl impact your daily hustle?

Same as above – I end up doing quite a bit in the evenings in terms of work, taking classes, exercise. I like to find time to fit it all in.

Tell us about your daily sleep ritual (give us all the details)?

Tidy up any items that have been left out from the day, my beauty routine (includes facewash, toner, moisturizer), write a to-do list for the following day and ensure everything is in my calendar, and write in my journal.

Currently, what can we find in on your bed side table?

Journal, glasses, eye mask, ear plugs and a candle.

What is your favourite sleep-related product?

My eye mask. I’m sensitive to light and must have something over my eyes to fall asleep – currently using a Manta Sleep Mask which was my first Kickstarter purchase!

Rapid Fires:

Long Shower or Bubble Bath?

Long shower

AM or PM Exercise Class?


Do you like your room hot or cold?

Warm – I can’t sleep if I’m cold.

PJ’s or Au Naturale?

Au naturale

Nicole is a ritual night owl – she ends her day with a curated night time routine that includes all her favourite sleep-related products. Where does she get them? She powers her bedtime ritual with essential items from Sleepover the first experience-driven retail store by thisopenspace curated with 35+ brands to help you rest easy. Check it out at 950 Queen Street West and find out exactly what helps Nicole power her days.

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