Meet Marc: The Early Riser

November 14, 2017

Meet our Early Riser’s and Night Owl’s this is a series launched by thisopenspace where we sit down with the most talented community members in Toronto. We asked them to share with us everything to do with why they love to sleep.

Meet Marc, Marketing Project Manager with Bather, 4th year Marketing and Media Communications student at Ryerson and a ritual early riser. In his day to day, Marc wears many hats and his time is valuable as he balances work, school and a well-followed Toronto based lifestyle blog – he does it all with little time to spare. When he does have a little free time – Marc indulges in photography, travel, and fashion. We caught up with him to learn about how he powers his day and he gave us some insight to his evening rituals and routine and shared with us how being a routine early riser (not by choice) lets him grow his brand and brain.

Are you a Night Owl or Early Riser? And Why? 

Both. When you’re a full-time student who also works, you learn to cope with going to bed late and waking up early. But if I had to choose one, I would be an early rise. I like getting an early start to my day!

How does being an Early Riser impact your daily hustle? 

Although it can be tough, being an Early Riser encourages me to not waste my day — it motivates me to manage my time wisely and tick off as many things from my daily to-do list as possible. But with that said, I don’t have a lot of choice in the matter. When you commute to school and work, your life revolves around a train schedule so I’m kind of forced to be an Early Riser!  

Tell us about your daily sleep ritual (give us all the details)? 

I love getting ready for bed — it’s time that I get every evening to check in with myself and just unwind from the day. After a hot shower, I prep my skincare routine which consists of a cleanser, toner, retinol, and moisturizer. But in between cleanser and toner, I might choose to do some sort of skin treatment, like a detox mask, depending on what I feel my skin needs. After my skincare routine, I’ll brew myself a cup of tea before turning off the lights and calling it a day.

Currently, what can we find on your bedside table? 

All sorts of things! My bedside table is right beside my door so everything I need to grab in the morning before leaving is there and ready. So besides my phone, keys, and wallet, I also display my accessories, like bracelets and sunglasses, to make them more accessible when I’m getting ready. I also have colognes (my signature is Legend by Mont Blanc), hand cream, and lip balm.

What is your favourite sleep-related product? 

A lavender sleep spray. I love aromatherapy but I don’t trust myself to have candles burning. So a spray with essential oils is the next best thing I guess. I find the scent of lavender super calming and it definitely helps me relax when I’m having trouble sleeping! 

Rapid Fires: 

Long Shower or Bubble Bath? 

Long shower.

AM or PM Exercise Class? 

PM exercise.

Do you like your room hot or cold? 


PJ’s or Au Naturale? 


Marc may not get much sleep but when he does he makes sure to curate his evening routine with the best sleep related products. Where does he get them? He curates his ritual with essential items from Sleepover the first experience-driven retail store by thisopenspace curated with 35+ brands to help you rest easy. Check it out at 950 Queen Street West and find out exactly what helps Marc jumpstart his day.

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