Meet Gracie: The Night Owl

November 21, 2017

Meet our Early Riser’s and Night Owl’s this is a series launched by thisopenspace where we sit down with the most talented community members in Toronto. We asked them to share with us everything to do with why they love to sleep.

Meet Gracie, Founder of a Toronto-based lifestyle blogger and contributor to FLARE Magazine and Breakfast Television Toronto. Gracie has been operating and growing her blog and brand for the past six years where she made the switch from working with companies like ELLE UK and Teen Vogue in NYC to driving her dreams of her personal brand. She is a powerhouse in Toronto and she powers her day by wearing many hats with admittedly little sleep making her a ritual Night Owl (trying to be an early riser). She sat down to share with us her nighttime sleep ritual, her favourite sleep-rated product and what we can find on her bedside table. Let’s catch up with her to see how being a Night Owl impacts her hustle.

Are you a Night Owl or Early Riser? And Why? 

I’m a night owl who wants to be an early riser. The result is that I often don’t sleep much.

How does being a Night Owl (or alternatively an Early Riser) impact your daily hustle? 

I find that my most productive working hours are between nine pm to one am. I love focusing without distractions and getting things done before I go to bed. I’m so happy that I work for myself and often work from home so whether I wake up at six, seven, eight, nine or even ten am I’m already at work and ready to get started.

Tell us about your daily sleep ritual (give us all the details)? 

I’m a big fan of sleepy time tea before I go to bed as I find it really helps calm my body and mind — which is always racing. I look for teas with lavender as it’s incredible for putting you to sleep. Sometimes I like to put on a quick face mask before settling into bed, and I always flip through a stack of cookbooks next to my bed before turning the lights off.

Currently, what can we find on your bed side table? 

A giant stack of cookbooks, my phone, a glass of water and a tea cup, along with a number of natural oils that I like to put on before bed for a little aromatherapy. Oh, a sleep mask too.

What is your favourite sleep-related product? 

A really nice pair of pajamas.

Rapid Fires:

Long Shower or Bubble Bath? 

Bubble Bath. But I hate the bathtub I have at home so I normally settle for long, very hot showers. Especially in the winter.

AM or PM Exercise Class? 

I’m a noon class kinda gal on most days.

Do you like your room hot or cold? 


PJ’s or Au Naturale? 


Gracie is a ritual night owl and although she may not get that much sleep that doesn’t stop her from having a curated night time routine with her favourite sleep-related products. Where does she get them? She powers her bedtime ritual with essential items from Sleepover the first experience-driven retail store by thisopenspace curated with 35+ brands to help you rest easy. Check it out at 950 Queen Street West and find out exactly what helps Gracie power her days.

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