Meet Erin: The Night Owl

December 13, 2017

Meet our Early Riser’s and Night Owl’s this is a series launched by thisopenspace where we sit down with the most talented community members in Toronto. We asked them to share with us everything to do with why they love to sleep.

Meet Erin, full-time freelance photographer, and routine night owl. Erin’s talent behind the camera keeps her hot on her toes and her schedule jam-packed taking her all over Toronto, and the world. She got her start when studying photography at OCAD and hasn’t looked back since – when she’s not capturing the perfect shot you can find her traveling, drinking wine and taking more photos. Erin balances her day-to-day through her regimented sleep routine and although she is a self-described Night Owl she still manages to catch her zzz’s. We sat down with Erin to learn about how her sleep routine powers her busy days.

Are you a Night Owl or Early Riser? And Why?

I am 100% a Night Owl.  I find I get the majority of my work done later in the evening/into the night. I can work at my own pace with far less distractions. The darkness always feels more calming. Plus, my schedule tends to be all over the place and often has me shooting most evenings. 

How does being a Night Owl impact your daily hustle?

Being a night owl gives me the freedom to plan my day however I want. Most often that means shooting during the day, meeting a client, or getting to run errands, hang out with a friend, have lunch with my mom or sleep in whenever I’m lucky enough. I often work from home so some days I can decide to take most of the day off and start working at my computer around 4 and go till midnight. 

Tell us about your daily sleep ritual (give us all the details)? 

Before getting comfy I’ll either jump in the shower, or I’ll freshen up by washing my face, taking out my contacts, brushing my teeth, etc. After that, depending on how tired I am, I’ll watch an episode of whichever show I’m currently into, or I’ll put on something mindless for background noise. Sleep timer on, fan on high, alarm set. 

Currently, what can we find in your bedside table?

A couple of framed photos of my Grandfather showing off some old items (these images were actually part of my Thesis), cards from clients/my family/my friends, an instax photo of my boyfriend and a letter he wrote me, Aesop/Kiehl’s hand cream, usually a book I am *trying* to read or a magazine/photo book that I’m trying to learn something new from, a little plant that I’ve managed to keep alive (!!), a candle my friend made, chapstick, some little pots my friends gifted me for my birthday one year and my inhaler… haha. 

What is your favourite sleep-related product?

Honestly, my fan. I can’t sleep without it. I always need sound of some kind. A dead quiet room can never put me to sleep. If I’m travelling I have an app called ‘White Noise’ and I’ll use that. 

Rapid Fires:

Long Shower or Bubble Bath?

Long shower

AM or PM Exercise Class?

I am not an exercise class person.

Do you like your room hot or cold?

COLD. Very cold. 

PJ’s or Au Naturale? 

Half & half. Haha, if that makes sense. But PJ’s are my favourite type of clothes, so I’ll go with that.  

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