Meet Dylan: The Night Owl

December 5, 2017

Meet our Early Riser’s and Night Owl’s this is a series launched by thisopenspace where we sit down with the most talented community members in Toronto. We asked them to share with us everything to do with why they love to sleep.

Meet Dylan, Shop Director of Sorry Coffee Co. an extension of the Kit and Ace brand located in Yorkville. Dylan’s day always starts early (around 5:30 AM) and ends late as he balances his daily hustle with the freedom in the evening to engage with his passions. What are two things Dylan likes most? Coffee and aesthetically nice things! Dylan is constantly evolving who he is and the freedom he feels through his day to pursue his ever-evolving interests all stem from a unique yet routine nighttime ritual. We sat down with Dylan to find out how he powers his day!

Are you a Night Owl or Early Riser? And Why?

I am for sure a night owl as most fun things happen at night, but due to the nature of my job, I have to be an early riser.

How does being a Night Owl impact your daily hustle?

I start my days at 5:30AM to give my dog a decent walk before I leave him all day for work and make a coffee before I go to work making coffee. Working in an environment where I get to interact with a lot of different people and have easy access to great coffee makes being an early riser a bit easier for me. Starting my days early typically means my daily routine is slightly off from the rest of the world so I can enjoy getting around and getting errands done without the crowds. This will leave me with some free time at night to check out a show or grab dinner with friends. 

Tell us about your daily sleep ritual (give us all the details)?

Having a daily sleep ritual really helps set the tone for a full and deep night’s sleep. I’ll make sure to gulp down a large glass of water before bed and try and read every night. I generally like to read comics or graphic novels in bed as they are quite a bit lighter to digest and make for a quicker read — currently reading Lone Wolf and Cub, a comic about a Ronin Samurai who completes his assassin missions with his child. 

Currently, what can we find on your bedside table?

A lamp, two books (currently Lone Wolf and Cub, and The Gene) so I have a choice in which one to put me to sleep, a candle that smells like a campfire, a box of matches, and garbage probably.

What is your favourite sleep-related product?

Bed linens. I had the best sleep in my friend’s bed and attributed to their crisp and soft and bouncy linens. So I went and bought the same ones. I run pretty hot, so having cool and airy sheets are very nice. Also, my dog is a nice sleep accessory — personal bed warmer.

Rapid Fires: 

Long Shower or Bubble Bath? 

Quick Shower

AM or PM Exercise Class? 


Do you like your room hot or cold? 

Cold room, warm bed

PJ’s or Au Naturale? 

Au Natch

Dylan is a ritual night owl with a daily hustle that pushes him to be an early riser giving him one of our most unique sleep routines. Dylan powers his bedtime ritual with essential items from Sleepover the first experience-driven retail store by thisopenspace curated with 35+ brands to help you rest easy. Check it out at 950 Queen Street West and find out exactly what helps Dylan power his days.

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