The Pop-Up Entrepreneurs: Interview With Young & Able’s Rosa Ng

December 2, 2015

Rosa Ng has never been afraid to take creative matters into her own hands. Relying on her experience in design, a passion for communities, and a dream of sustainable small business, she decided to build an online platform where we have editorial and blogger photoshoots, behind-the-scenes footages, interviews and Q&As with our feature designers so both designers and consumers can interact at every level.

We spoke with Ng about how she manages her holiday pop-up and the value it brings to her brand. Here’s what she had to say: 

How did the idea for the holiday pop-up come about?

Our month long pop-up shop was initially inspired by the table-to-table weekend craft fair around the city. I wanted to offer the community an elevated alternative to the overwhelming craft fairs. A place that the designers can partake and not have to worry about any of the operational part and so they can focus on what they do best, making.

How did you find your space?

I am always on the lookout for spaces! Whenever I see an empty storefront, I’m always taking down the info…and thisopenspace, glad they ventured out to New York earlier this year! This year’s space was from the same owner that I rented from last year – check it out!

Why do a pop-up shop?

It’s an effective way to generate buzz!  It also makes an online business more tangible! We always get such a positive response to our offline events and I think retail now is a combination of online and offline experiences.

How does the concept of community play into your pop-up?

Community is everything for Young & Able. We are all about collective promotion. I like to incorporate different offline and online experiences to bridge the gap between the makers and shoppers. One of the newest and successful offline events we launched this year is the Makers Series. This is where I invite one of our designers to teach a class and offer an authentic NY experience to the community.

And in regards to pop-up, we couldn’t put on any of it without the support of the community and the pool of talented designers. Our first ever pop-up was funded through Kickstarter and this year’s pop-up opening party already have over 350+ RSVPs, it’s amazing to get the acceptance and support from the community.

What is it like to transition from online to brick and mortar?

It’s a lot of tagging products and having to figure out how to merchandise and display. We typically design the store quite modular to give us the flexibility of quick adjustments based on performance in-store. We also do a lot of evening events in the store so we also take that opportunity to change things up. Since everything has to be in my online platform, it makes it easy to launch any of the products that performs well and continues to sell online.

What’s you favorite space in the city?

I really love anywhere that has great natural lighting! Right now, my favorite space is prob my designer, Billur Kazaz’s new Soho loft. We’ve been doing all our watercolor classes there and it’s beautiful space,  great lighting and centrally located. It’s perfect for private event, photoshoot or gallery show. We’re brainstorming now to do some sort of monthly designer showcase so stay tuned for more details!

Don’t miss Young & Able’s monthlong holiday pop-up, open now! The monthlong holiday pop-up space features a curated program of designer talks, workshops and products. Rosa has partnered with sponsors to find and present some of the best emerging fashion, home, art, lifestyle and food brands to the NYC community. Her mission is to create a collaborative space that facilitates conversations and creates connections between designers and individuals within creative industries.