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Top 5 Interior Photography Tips for an Outstanding Listing

December 16, 2015


While taking great photographs for your listing seems easy enough, there are a few techniques that you can use to make your photos more appealing to renters. For many of the spaces listed on thisopenspace, having great interior photography is a must. With more and more listings on thisopenspace everyday, it’s important to take the extra time and showcase your space as beautifully as possible and make it stand out.

While it’s nice to have a photographer come take photos of your space, if you don’t have the budget there are five simple steps you can easily use to immediately enhance the photos of your space. Here are some of our favorite techniques you can use today:

Stage Your Space

What do you want to highlight in your photo? Think about this and then arrange the space accordingly. Most spaces achieve this by considering even the smallest details – you might think about adding elements that reflect the space’s style and overall atmosphere, like flowers on the table or art and branding on the walls. At the same time, you also want to think about removing details that you might not want to highlight. This could be things like the trashcan in the corner, the garden hose on the patio, or a napkin on the table.

Set the Lighting

When it comes to professional photography, lighting is one of the most important factor. You want to aim for a balance of light – make sure nothing in the space is over-lit or under-lit. When possible, always use natural light. Remember that when relying on natural light, the best time to shoot is when room is the brightest. If soft light is your thing, try playing with shooting in the morning or late afternoon.

Pick the Right Perspective

Put yourself in a corner! When it comes to interior photography you want to shoot from one of the corners. This angle will give you the widest perspective and allow you to capture the space at its very best. Here are a few good examples from this photography studio in Gastown, Vancouver.

Steady the Camera

There’s no reason to risk blurry images. You want to keep your indoor photos sharp, so it’s best to use a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod, you can use a stack of books, table, stool, or anything tall and sturdy that you can move throughout the space. Pro tip: As an extra stabilizing measure, use your camera timer to make sure the shot is untainted by any movement that might be caused by your excited fingers.

Get Inspired

Need some inspiration? Check out these spaces with outstanding photography:

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And if you’re a shutterbug (photo speak for enthusiastic amateur photographer), consider taking a class on Skillshare or continue reading this post on Design Sponge.

That’s it. You’re all set to take stellar photos and make your space stand out.