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Gift Collection for Early Risers

December 12, 2017

For coffee-sipping, breakfast-loving morning people—Sleepover has the perfect AM gift for those who rise with the sun.

There are people out there who have never pressed a snooze button. They watch the steam rise from the kettle as the sun slowly appears in the sky. They get to work while the rest of us are stuck in traffic, and they’ve somehow already done 75 push ups before most of us have brushed our teeth. They’re a rare breed—and if you have one in your life, we have something for them. We put together this list of morning-making gifts for those questionable, yet impressive few who thrive at 6AM.

Muse – Meditation Headset

Price: $299

Let’s face it—we live in a world of distraction. Our brains are like popcorn flying around in a microwave-safe bag, jumping between subjects, tasks, and social media accounts. So  the smart people at Muse made a Meditation Headset with attention-based training exercises, and the more you do them, the more changes will show up in your daily life. Maybe you’ll feel more composed when your boss throws a trick question at you during an all-team meeting, or you’ll look up from that book you’ve been trying to read for three years and realize: you finally did it.

When you wake up, pop the headset over your bedhead and get comfortable. Muse takes a snapshot of your brain in a natural state, and it uses this snapshot as a reference to understand your brain signals. While you meditate, Muse gives you feedback in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of wind. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear calm and settled winds. When your mind is active, the winds will pick up and blow. After each session, you’ll see how you did, so you can track your progress, get helpful tips, learn new things about your brain, and improve your focus over time.

Carriage 44 – Rose Facial Cleanser

Price: $44

If you have a morning person in your life who also loves flowers—this is the gift that will have them saying “you know me so well.” Carriage 44 makes small batch products for your face and body from botanical ingredients (that means just plants, straight from nature). They smell incredible, because they’re scented with pure essential oils, and they’re all made in their small studio in Victoria, BC, so you know you’re getting something special. Our favourite is their Rose Water Facial Cleanser, made with delicate rosehip oil and soothing aloe vera. Lather up this gentle cleanser, wash away that inevitable morning grogginess, and kick your day off by with your best face forward.

Pro Tip: gift them this cleanser with a Soothe Massage Gift Card. This way they get to wake up feeling refreshed and then indulge in the ultimate act of relaxation so your Early Riser can sleep better and early.

Oat Box – Cereal Bars

Price: $2.20

Oat box is made by an entire team of morning people—they actually publicly say “we believe mornings are beautiful.” So we know we can trust them to create a breakfast of champions. They make the perfect gifts for those early risers in your life who are heading straight to the gym at the crack of dawn. Lots of people say breakfast is the most important part of your day, and if you’re waking up at 5AM to pump iron, we think you probably deserve a solid energy boost. Oat Box’s cereal bars are full of healthy ingredients and natural plant-based protein, and none of the bad stuff—they’re certified gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. Oats are known for their role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, the maintenance of a healthy digestive system, and for their mineral-rich content. So when you gift oats, you’re really saying: I like you so much and I want you to live for a really, really long time.

Serica Home – Bamboo Eye Pillow

Price: $25

Serica Home makes the perfect gift for that person in your life who could use a couple more hours of R & R. Their bamboo eye pillow is made from 100% cotton and filled with flaxseed, so it’s super soft against your skin. It comes in two options—fragrance free or lightly scented with soothing lavender. This is also a great gift for mindfulness-seekers who are hopping on the meditation craze or frequent fliers who need to create a restful haven on a red eye. Pro tip: if you have a tension headache, put the inner pouch in the freezer for an hour, then lay down and let the cooling relief wash over you.

Shhhowercap – Showercap

Price: $43

Showering. We do it (hopefully) every day. But if you’re a girl with really long, thick hair or a guy who just doesn’t need to wash his hair that often (must be nice), then a Shhhowercap will keep your hair dry while you sing Kelly Clarkson and lather up with your peppermint and rosemary soap bar. The designers of Shhhowercap just weren’t satisfied with the one your Aunt Dorothy still uses. You know, the clear plastic one that fly off your head before you can belt “since you’ve been gonnnnnne.” So they invented an antibacterial, waterproof, reusable haircap that repels water on a molecular level, which means it’s not just waterproof, it’s hydrophobic. Water slides right off, so your Shhhowercap dries as soon as you step out of the shower. Plus, the rubber grip (made from the same material as a strapless bra) holds your cap securely in place, protects the edges of your hairline, and will never make that indent on your forehead that lasts until you get to the office and have to explain yourself. We know you know lots of people who shower, so this gift is a sure shot.

Visit Sleepover—our concept store devoted to all things sleep—at 950 Queen Street West in Toronto until December 31, 2017, to shop all of these products and discover more for everyone on your list. Because everyone on your list definitely sleeps.

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