A Look Back At Our Favourite Spaces

December 20, 2016

Ok, so we know we shouldn’t pick favorites. In reality, we fall in love almost every day as we uncover the most coveted spaces this fine world has to offer. This year we asked some members of our team what spaces completely left them mesmerized in 2016. Here they are in no particular order.

Modern Art Deco Beauty Parlour

♥️ by: Yvonne, Designer ♥️ by: Yvonne, Designer

This space is as if it was ripped from the pages of the Great Gatsby. Soak your guests in luxury for your next gathering at a perfectly appointed beauty parlour.

Bright Minimalist Home

♥️ by: Carolynn, Head of Marketing ♥️ by: Carolynn, Head of Marketing

There’s nothing like a blank white canvas and modern minimalism to get inspired. This homey space was the backdrop to Umbra‘s 2017 catalog and the crush of all the Scandinavian design lovers in the office.

Alexander Warehouse

♥️ by: Andrew, Engineer ♥️ by: Andrew, Engineer

Exposed beams, concrete, skylights with a shipping container to boot- this space just screams industrial. We’ve seen epic events slide their way in here, photo shoots galore; it just keeps giving the most wonderful creative magic.

Charlotte Street Pop-Up Space

♥️ by: Adam, COO ♥️ by: Adam, COO

Location, location, location, this space has a great one. One of Toronto’s most unique locales for a pop-up shop it’s floor to ceiling glass walls will leave you awe-inspired.

Flower Filled Gastro Café & Coffee Shop

♥️ by: Morgan, Head of Product ♥️ by: Morgan, Head of Product

Nestled into Vancouver’s hip Gastown neighourhood this cozy café can transform instantly into an event space, the perfect backdrop for friends to get together or even a photoshoot. Interesting fact: this was one thisopenspace’s first offices.

Plant Filled Duplex With Rooftop

♥️ by: Yashar, CEO ♥️ by: Yashar, CEO

Now this is plant paradise. We’re all about spaces that inspire creativity through greenery and this one is definitely one that made the top of our list. Can you count how many plants it features? We spotted 14.

Eclectic Downtown Coffee Shop

♥️ by: Jeff, Lead Engineer ♥️ by: Jeff, Lead Engineer

High ceilings combined with old architecture this coffee shop is a complete chameleon; one day it’s transformed into a karaoke bar, the next a holiday party. This space also comes with support staff should you need an extra hand. #bigwin

Warehouse Event Space

♥️ by: Alex, Engineer ♥️ by: Alex, Engineer

Did he or didn’t he, that is the question? Back in August this space was discovered on Reddit as the location of a Frank Ocean live stream, a precursor for him dropping his highly anticipated album Boys Don’t Cry. His fans were so hot about this space, that this listing crashed our site.

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