Tips On Finding A Perfect Shoot Location: from YouTuber Sylvia Ta

October 26, 2016

7 years ago Sylvia Ta started her journey on YouTube, today she shares her life with her 200k subscribers and has received over 20 million views on her channel.

Sylvia Ta, the mastermind behind the Sylvia Jade YouTube channel and @hellosylviaa,  was inspired by this Toronto artist loft (c’mon who wouldn’t be!?) and chose it as the backdrop for her submission to this year’s Buffer Festival. We caught up with her to get some insider tips on finding the perfect location.

Book This Toronto Artist Loft For Your Next Photoshoot

Tell us about how you started your business, what was your first project?

For me, starting YouTube was merely an accident. I posted my very first video years ago back when YouTube was just a video sharing site – no monetization even existed. I wanted to show my friend in Australia how to do a certain hairstyle that she liked of mine, and when I came to check back on the video a few months later, it had a few thousand views and people asking me to do more.. so I did!

How important is finding new places to shoot?

It’s extremely important for me to find cool new places to shoot. My audience watches for, and really appreciates, a well put-together video, which includes cool spaces. They’re also very impressed with new settings, it’s a common comment I get from my audience.

When you’re looking for a place to create content in what are the top three characteristics you consider before you shoot?

  1. Natural light (lots of it, please).
  2. Enough room to shoot (open spaces).
  3. Does the aesthetic fit the vibe I’m looking for (can depend on what type of video I’m shooting).

In your opinion what is the biggest mistake someone can run into when choosing a location that should people look out for?

I think that one big mistake someone can run into when choosing a location is not thinking how it will fit your brand or the vibe you’re going for for that particular video. I’ve seen some really cool spaces but then realize that it wouldn’t really fit the theme I’m shooting (for example, a dark industrial place for a summer look book wouldn’t necessarily be the right choice). People should also look for functionality of the space – some spaces can look really cool, but not have enough space to shoot or set up equipment.

Do you have any tips for creators when they are scouting new places?

Have more than just one pair of eyes look at the prospective space, some people see things that you don’t.

How did you discover this space?

I used thisopenspace to scout because I was having a hard time finding what I was looking for and didn’t know where to start. I already have access to plain studio spaces, but I knew I wanted a cool loft with character. There’s really no way to go about finding these spaces unless you want to scour Kijiji and take your chances. I would have never been able to find this loft I used (someone lives in it!) without seeing it on thisopenspace. I chose this space because it had tons of natural light and fit the vibe I was going for.

We can’t get over this space. From the sustainably harvested, solid wood furniture to hand picked artifacts from around the world, everything in the loft has been carefully curated. The result is a space that it’s host Safiya describes as an art director’s dream. We couldn’t agree more! See for yourself why this place is perfect for photo shoots, productions, and meetings.

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