Curated with Conor Cutz, One of Toronto’s Top Turntablists

February 21, 2017

Curated is a series where thisopenspace sits down with talented members of our community. We asked them to share a bit about themselves and curate their favourite spaces on thisopenspace.

Conor Cutz is a frequent face at Toronto’s top events. You’ve probably seen him perform for brands like Versace and Redbull, or headline one of Toronto’s largest cultural festivals. He’s a resident for Toronto’s most influential hospitality brands and has played across North America and Western Europe.

We asked him a few questions about what he does, how he does it, and the spaces that inspire him

1. What do you tell your parents you do for a living?  Do they get it? Why? Why not?

My parents are definitely up on what I am doing. At first, definitely not so much, but as the years went by being a full-time DJ and working in the event space has really changed their opinion. Now they see the types of things I am doing and are amazed and impressed. Either way, they have always been fully supportive of my decisions.

2. What inspires your creativity?

Ever since I was a kid I always strove towards the different and unique. When it comes to music, in particular, my personal taste is always leaning toward the more forward thinking artists. That has lead itself into my personal life by inspiring my own creativity and honing my focus as well. Other than that, I am constantly inspired by the people I surround myself with. So many of my close friends and acquaintances have and run their own businesses and hustle day in and day out. It is incredibly motivating to have these people in my circle

3. If you could collaborate with any person or brand on a project, who would it be?

Brand: Apple

Person/Group: A Tribe Called Quest

4. What’s your favourite place to be when you aren’t at work? Why?

Definitely SOHO House. Funnily enough, I use this as my workspace as well. But I feel the atmosphere there is so conducive to who I am and what I am doing. There is a constant energy and buzz around the place and new ideas are constantly flowing. Whether I am working or not, SOHO is undoubtedly my favourite spot.

5. What defines an amazing space?

An amazing space is a combination of a few things. I think first and foremost comfort is the most important. If I can walk into a place and it feel warm and inviting we are off to a good start. After that, lighting and layout is important. I am a big fan of natural light in the workspace and flow. Finally, interesting attributes. This is what is going to make a room memorable. Whether there’s an indoor herb garden or an old jukebox in the corner, for example, these are the things that make a room pop in my eyes.

6. If you could have the keys to any building in Toronto, which would it be and why?

Either the AGO, or the ROM both for their innovative and cultural impact they have had on the city.

7. What did you consider when creating your wish list? Which was your favourite space and why?

Definitely a few things. Most of the spaces I picked have a unique twist to them. One is in a converted car garage for example. Secondly, open space and natural light were key in influencing my Wish List. I would say either space 428 the gorgeous authentic artist’s loft or space 896 Meeting Space Nestled In Nature are my favourite because they are open, inviting and feel like great creative spaces.

Rapid Fires:

  1. Coffee, Tea, or Cold Pressed Juice?
    • Tea, but starting to lean toward cold pressed juice
  2. Queen East or King West?
    • Queen East
  3. Brooklyn or Venice?
    • Brooklyn
  4. Manhattan or London?
    • London

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