Frank Ocean Speculation Crashed Our Site

August 18, 2016

Like everyone, we’ve been waking up in a cold sweat having feverish dreams about Boys Don’t Cry. We keep getting our hopes up, only for our hearts to be crushed again. Frank Ocean is extremely talented, he’s entitled to wait as long as he wants to put out this album.

Part of dealing with the heartbreak that comes with highly anticipated albums is half the fun. However to make this stressful wait even worse, we had to deal with the Reddit hug of death yesterday that took our website offline.

We’re up and running again and wanted to thank those who work with us for their patience.

Of course all of our bookings are confidential and wouldn’t want to compromise the events of any our clients that rely on us to book photoshoots, parties and hyper secret launches; however we can confirm that the space question is available for booking indefinitely right now.

We continue to wait with impatience for Boys Don’t Cry and have already started to stock up on too many bottles of wine we can’t pronouce to celebrate.


CEO, thisopenspace

PS: If you’re curious…

The warehouse in Brooklyn discovered by Reddit fans as the location for Frank Ocean’s live stream art project.