A Camp That Unites Girls To Lean In Together

July 7, 2016

Ashley’s story is about how an active childhood led her to inspire other young ladies – one step at a time.   

Ashley Wiles started running when she was 6 years old in her school kilometer club program.

Cut to…..Winning the Prestigious Brooks “Inspiring Coach Award” last month. Ashley was selected as “THE Coach of the Year” from a group of 13 finalists from throughout the U.S. and Canada from over 1000s of nominations.

As a trained life coach, specifically coaching in health and wellness, Ashley found that as adults, we face many of the same negative social ideas and thoughts about our bodies that began during childhood. Growing up with mentors who were also runners, she believes in the benefits of sharing the incredible sport that allowed her to develop running as a tool to stay healthy, set goals, and use as an outlet for frustrations.

“I try to be an inspiration and give people tips and tricks to feel good, and to feel supported in the physical activity that they do,” Wiles said. “Instead of talking about winning, let’s talk about respect, integrity and getting out and trying something new.”

Ashely and the team at Sole Girls are currently having a summer camp at the Cherniavsky Boardroom at ArtStars this week that is focused on helping girls live healthy, active lives and live in communities where they are leaders who respect, encourage, include and support each other to accomplish goals, build their confidence, and embrace their inner beauty. Girls will learn to build themselves mentally and physically to be prepared to finish a 5km fun run.

We were really honored to help Ashley find the perfect space in Vancouver. Let us help you find yours 🙂