How We Used The Money We Earned On thisopenspace

May 3, 2016

Hi, I’m Morgan 👋. I work for thisopenspace.

Earlier this year, my partner and I started renting out our home for photo and video shoots on thisopenspace. Over the past two months, we’ve earned $600 without lifting a finger.

We’ve had a startup use our space as an agency set for client interviews, had a student photographer take photos of food in our bathtub (we don’t know why), and had a film crew film a Korean music video, among others!

Fingers forever crossed that a film crew doesn’t accidentally smash into our pottery shelf :)  Fingers forever crossed that a film crew doesn’t accidentally smash into our pottery shelf 🙂

A lot of the shoots happen on weekends, so my husband and I like to go out and explore our city while someone is using the space. Some of the money we make is used during the time that we’re out there. Here’s what we did during the music video shoot:

9:00 am:

Met the film crew. Showed them around the space and gave them keys. Answered any questions they had.

9:15 am:

Got coffee at Milano. $7.30 for a cappuccino and americano with tip.

10:30 am:

Brunch at Alibi Room. $50 with tax and tip for brunch for two.


Shopping around Gastown. I bought a plant. $15.


That’s it! Back home! Our place was fine with minimal cleanup.

Too many plants already  - where will the new plant go? Too many plants already  – where will the new plant go?

I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased (I’m on the team at thisopenspace and all!) but listing our home on thisopenspace has been a great adventure for my husband and I. When we aren’t out treating ourselves to brunch with the extra couple of bucks we’ve earned that month, here are some of the other ways we’ve spent the money we earned on thisopenspace:

Paying for a cleaner

We charge a cleaning fee and use Handy for on-demand cleaning. It’s really nice to come back to a clean home after a bunch of people have been in your house and it’s a nice little luxury to pay for.

Splurging on good food & nice things in Japan

We recently went on a 2 week trip to Japan and it was nice to have a little extra $$ when doubting whether we really needed that fancy knife sharpener (we did!) or donut-shaped hair wax (okay maybe we didn’t..but it makes me laugh every morning in the bathroom). Oh and that extra glass of sake for dinner was a nice treat too.

Home improvements

Having people you don’t know in your home makes you look at your space in a new way. We want to make sure every guest who books our space on thisopenspace leaves happy with what they booked, and that means having a nice-looking space. Right now I’m saving up for a new office chair as putting a blanket over the existing tattered chair is not a very sustainable solution.

Hey look, it’s us! Hey look, it’s us!

Within the first few months of hosting on thisopenspace, many other hosts have earned as much as $10,000 by renting out their space. It’s a great way to connect with people while earning some extra cash on the side. Plus, it’s absolutely free to list your space and the price you charge for your listing is completely up to you.

If you have questions about hosting, our team is always here to help. Shoot us a note at [email protected] and we’ll reach out to find a time to chat.

Got space? List it today!