Awesome Creative Workspaces for Offsite Meetings In Vancouver

March 1, 2016

Taking your team offsite is a great way to break down barriers and encourage creativity. With the right space, you can provide an environment that will allow for team members to improve collaboration and productivity. Here is our list of 7 unique Vancouver spaces that are inspirational and adaptive to the needs of your team, culture, and work.

Open Concept Office In Mt Pleasant

Suite Genius has a café vibe with a large kitchen, cedar picnic tables, lounge area and speakers for music. With a mix of seating and standing for up to 60 people, this space is perfect for large teams looking to switch up their office vibes for a day or two.

Elegant Parlour And Event Space

Structured as a community oriented space where teams can come to produce their finest work, the Donnelly Hospitality Suite is replete with full bar, theatre room, parlour games, pop-up barbershop and a giant leather couch.


This space highlights functional furnishings, clean lines, and polished elements. Located in Mount Pleasant, this space has held training workshops, meetings, industry networking events, and more. You and your team will immediately feel at home at THRIVE studios.

Mobile Project Studio

Streamliners have come a long way. Jump into this vintage streamline trailer and find inspiration for your team’s next meeting or workshop.

Two Level Gastown Loft

This loft has turned into a multi use space with two stories of stunning light-filled rooms. The modern furniture, custom kitchen, and overlook balcony make this one of our favorite places to step away from day-to-day work and build team spirit.

Snug Gastown Tavern

A snug tavern by night and an intimate meeting space by day, Clough Club is a uniquely unexpected spot for your next offsite. Enjoy the old fashion feel of leather couches and rare ambience while finding new inspiration with your team. This spot is available until 5pm everyday!

Gastown Studio

Right here is where an epic offsite awaits. There’s a worn, leather sofa, a vintage punching bag, wooden guitar, and record player with album set all arranged like a guy’s comfy bachelor pad.

We love discovering new spaces all over the city and are excited to share this list with you. We’re always ready to tell our community about new spaces and Vancouver venues for them to discover – did we miss any of your favorite spots? We’d love to hear from you about your favorite places! Drop us a line or shoot us a note on twitter @thisopenspace.