A Surprise Proposal Turned Engagement Party in Vancouver

Bryan and Tara met five years ago in a Vancouver pub. Last Friday, they got engaged in one of our favorite art galleries in Chinatown

To Bryan and Tara - Thank you for letting us shoot this day. You guys are awesome.

How did you decorate the space?

The Untitled Art Space was divided into two, so when you first walked in there was someone's art of the walls.  As you walked towards the back where the room was divided I had set up a small gallery of photos of her and I.  The other artists images were taken down after the proposal but we left up the photos of us until the end of the night.  The funny part was that I had told her we were going to see a friend's new pieces and when we walked in she knew they weren't hers and thought I had taken her to the wrong space.

Other than Tara saying yes (congrats!) what was your favorite part of the night?

My favorite part of the night was that both of our families were able to make in out to celebrate with us that night.  I also liked that she had no idea and was really surprised for me to propose to her there and then have a surprise engagement party that all of our friends were already aware of, made the night perfect.  

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