You'd have to dig back all the way to November to find our last journal entry. It's not that we haven't had anything to say, we've just been working on something BIG and are finally ready to bring it your way. Here's what's up...

Imagine every time you had to book a hotel you spent hours driving around the city and taking photos of what might be a hotel. You spend countless more hours searching online, calling your friends for recommendations, and contacting each hotel separately to ask for their pricing and amenities. You finally narrow your list down to your top-3 hotels, only to find out that they are only available for long-term stays, or that they're booked solid for the next fifteen years, or they just don't think you're the right guest for them. This is how finding short-term space for pop-up shops, events, and exhibits has been like... until now.

We recently launched an online platform that connects people seeking short-term space for their ideas, with those who have it. Our goal is to make booking a short-term space as easy as booking a room on Airbnb, and we've taken the first step towards that. The new thisopenspace.ca allows owners of storefronts, galleries, and event spaces to list their space and open it up to brands, event planners, artists, makers, and designers looking for unique spaces to grow their ideas. Take a look here.

We started in Vancouver, recently added Toronto, and are looking to take this into every major North American city... and then global. This is the very beginning of the journey and we are inviting you to join us and celebrate. As exciting as all this sounds, "I'm going to a website launch" is not exactly what you want to be telling your friends. So, we've curated an art exhibition all about space to add another dimension (pun intended). The launch party and #OpenSpaceShow exhibition is happening on May 21. 

Twelve Vancouver based artists and designers are featured at this exhibition. New works capture gestures that occur in urban, empty, designed, natural, and imagined spaces. These intimate studies signify the range of ways space is perceived through painting and photography. 

Join us and invite a friend.


The Playground at 434 Columbia St., Vancouver
Opening Night: Thu May 21st, 7:30-11PM
Gallery Hours: May 19th – 28th. Mon-Fri 11-6PM, Sat-Sun 12-5PM


#OpenSpaceShow Exhibiting Artist

Brett Barmby
Cory Hunlin
David Crompton
Jennilee Marigomen
Katja Zubkova
Lauren Scott
Liam McMillan
Matt Schroeter
Sean Orr
Willem Jan Smit
Cemrenaz Uyguner
Jessie Couzelis