[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

All about taking care in daily rituals, tying your hair, slicing bread, the #PaeganRitual is a way of life - garments and jewelry to highlight the free spirit and a natural love for the small things. Founded earlier this year the souls behind #PaeganRitual, Helena and Tatianna are inspired by the blur of wilderness and city that makes Vancouver the irresistible sanctuary that it is. With their SS15 Collection Helena and Tatianna welcome you under their wing for the brands first pop-up shop.

Rooted in the inherent values of the West Coast, #PaeganRitual is all about essential pieces, easy to wear and suitable for the outdoor picnic or seawall stroll. That one piece of jewelry that stands out and a simple onesie - what else will you need when our city makes the turn to summer? Join in on Friday May 8th, 7PM at 434 Columbia as #PaeganRitual makes it's leap off the west coast into the world with the new online shop. They're serving up appetizers, craft beer, champagne and LA inspired cocktails to mark the official launch. Local inspiration, Hayley Law will be singing live in the space while sweet cupcakes and macarons will be going around to top it all off - the party is rolling out til 1AM! See shop hours here