[GIRL, THAT'S MY JAM!] is a monthly feature by Joshua Byrne (XVI Records) playing the sounds that got us movin' right now. It also lives in our music player to the right, so you can have a listen anytime you visit.

This month’s mix focuses on some of the most forward thinking music that’s been catching my ear over the past few months. Following on the excitement from 2014, you’ll find Vancouver representing hard with offerings from resident labels 1080p & MoodHut, two labels gathering a great deal of momentum (not forgetting to mention local Imprint & Party Pacific Rhythm, who have opened up a physical location for their record slanging business). Vancouver is certainly turning some heads for its sonic output as of late. Support your local music Dojo by heading down to 441 Gore Ave, Vancouver and grabbing some wax.  So take a cross genre journey through Japanese Modern boogie / funk, Dub, Low slung hip hop, broken beats, dub and house. Includes some forthcoming XVI Records niceness from “Tidelines”, as well as a cheeky closing track by myself. For best results serve with a Mojito, on a deckchair, in your garden. 

You can catch me playing at Electric Owl on March 17th, and at Dunlevy Snack Bar w/ Minutes Of Funk for the first instalment of our “Step Into Tomorrow” party on Saturday March 28th. Come say hello.


Onra - Here Comes The Flutes
Al Dobson Jnr - Maiysha
Potato head People - After Hours
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Schooling The Beat
Renzo Garcia - SoothSayer
Tidelines - Receive Me
Project Pablo - Why Though?
Jack J - Something On My Mind
Sauce 81 - Natural Thing
Medlar - Listen (Greymatter Remix)
My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward - British Princess
Ifan Dafydd - Eclipse
Joshua Oldsoul - Folklore