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Australian born Fraser-Hughes with over 20 years making art and teaching is a Fine Arts PhD candidate with Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. Fraser-Hughes has a solo exhibition this month to cap off her doctorate.


In the exhibition Resonance "the sequential repetition of images," serves to underscore the embodied response Fraser-Hughes has to a site, repetition is hereby a tool. Her work is contemporary, it hints to the surreal as she uses architecture as a starting point to present her concepts about place and the built environment.


She states, "I seek to capture transitional fragments of time" - those fragments are in the form of drawing and sculpture in the show. Each piece is a response to a particular place: a building, a landscape whether familiar or foreign and with rust, asphalt, charcoal, oil, steel, copper, resin, acrylic the sensations associated with that site are deepened or highlighted through the process of making. Take a trip out to Point Grey on opening night, Thursday April 16th, 6:30 - 8PM at 4408 West 10th Ave. This event is open to the public. Gallery hours here.