[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

This April we present The Colour Show, highlighting works that employ colour or the idea of colour with Amelia Garvin, Mel King, Christina Song, Dana Mooney, Carina-Marie Nilsson, Natasha Broad, Andrew Pommier and Priscilla Yu. Methods and materials vary.

Colour can be defined as "the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light." We are thrilled to be curating this in-house as a way to celebrate spring and a handful of emerging artists based in Vancouver.

Images: Synesthesia and Heartbeats, 2014 (L) and Micro Noise, 2014 (R) by Priscilla Yu.

How do colour and light help a piece of art make an achievement, trigger a sensation, express a conflict without resolve, generate affect? Depending on the context, where there is one colour we might call that monochrome, minimal, pure. Where there is a hint of colour, we might call that design, detail, highlight, decoration. Doesn't colour at times have the power to dominate a work of art? To trap a piece of art in an aesthetic envelope or to evoke our ability to form a concept? Colour might suggest meaning, accidental, implied or explicit. Scoop up your most colourful friends and come down to The Playground Thursday April 9th, 7PM -11PM. The show will be up April 8th - 15th and we'll be there in the gallery so roll up and check it out!