[FIRST LOOK] #OnAbstraction A Painting Exhibition

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Five artists from various walks come together for the first time through an endearing connection. Perhaps through the exhibition #OnAbstraction we will explore the connective thread between various works, but we're thinking, in what ways can we connect with each other, using painting as a kind of illuminated passageway? Celebrate with us on opening night, Monday Feb 2nd at 6PM. 

9 Stephanie Doane.png

Enter Amelia Garvin, Christina Song, Shahin Sharafaldin, Stephanie Doane and Melissa King, brought together in an exhibition that represents a cross section in painting now. To quote Garvin, during the "process of erasure and reconstruction the surface is scarred." The artist steps in and out, builds and reduces, a game. "Each work has its own ambitions" as Stephanie Doane matter-of-factly states in a discussion about the exhibition.

The satisfaction about painting could be the distillation or it's counter, the blending of images and impressions that allows for contemplation, induces anxiety, has character. This show is an attempt to capture images and impressions, slices from daily life highlighted, then rendered new and brought to life in a new form. With 20 works on the walls of thisopenspace that range in size and scale, from the unsurmountable to the delicate and small, it's going to be one night to go home thinking about. Oh yeah, and we're hosting it ourselves. Wink, nudge.