[FIRST LOOK] Two New Pop Up Shops #ClosetCrows And #PopUpWedShoppe Open Their Doors In Gastown

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

Last summer, frustrated by a beautiful empty space and inundated with request for pop-up ready space in Gastown, we posted this photo  of 140 W. Hastings on our Instagram #EmptySpaceSucks calling out the landlord for leaving it vacant in a graffitied mess.

Turns out, the space was under lease for a year and the tenant never moved in. Fast forward five months and with an understanding landlord and a new partnership with the good guys at Corbel Commercial, we were able to put this empty space to good use and host two pop-up shops over six weeks. Yup, the graffiti is gone and yet another vacant Vancouver property is now animated and being used by local businesses.

In the gorgeous brick and mortar ground floor warehouse - truly a rare space in Gastown, #ClosetCrows has set up exquisite high end luxury garments, and #PopUpWedShoppe has everything a bride needs for a wedding - two hot shops under one roof.

The native North Vancouver brand Pure Magnolia is behind #PopUpWedShoppe. The local brand is known for couture-like wedding dresses tailored to perfection for private clients and the surface treatments, ornate applique, cuts to suit your style and satisfy your wedding day dreams. Swing by and meet Patty Nayel herself, the brains and creative engine behind the brand. 

The neighbouring shop is Closet Crows - you know we love them *ahem we have history together and not an awkward one.* They're back with us and with new luxury garments for the contemporary, on the go gal who's got to look the part. The pieces are the finest in luxury consignment - that means they've done the sifting for us! Find royal blue suede Yves Saint Laurent pumps with gold piping (these really exist), perhaps a cropped Chloe jacket for a night out, timeless blouses and essential pieces by the houses of Balmain, Prada, Current Elliot, Burberry, Hudson, Enzo, Phillip Lim, Myriam Laroche of Vancouver's Eco-Fashion Week and more. Rebecca Sherlock is the curator of such wonders and she'll be in the shop. If you're in the mood for style guidance, she's your go-to.

Both pop-up shops at 140 W. Hastings run until February 28. Check out our calendar for full store hours for both shops.