[JOURNAL #002] You Should Join Us For #FreeCoworking And Get Shit Done Next Week

Empty space sucks.

That's why we've decided to open our doors again for #FreeCoworking.

This month, we only have two days without a pop-up or a set-up day at our flagship storefront. Instead of leaving a fully functional space sit empty, we decided to open it up on September 15-16.

And the best news? We're going to do this every time our flagship storefront is going to otherwise sit empty.

It's completely free with all the necessities including seating for twelve, WiFi and AC (is it wishful thinking that we'll need it in mid-September?). Bring whatever you need to get shit done, laptops, sketchbooks, painting easels, and crochets are all welcome.

There's limited space, please register here.