[GIRL, THAT'S MY JAM!] Hanging On To The Last Rays Of Sunshine With #Summertime5 Mixtape by DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK

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Do you remember your favourite summer soundtrack? You know, the one you listened to on repeat all summer long on road trips with your best friends, at hot sweaty rooftop parties, on the way to the beach, and everywhere in between. By August, you knew every word to the song, and when it came on again years later you'd sing along shamelessly to that nostalgic summer soundtrack. Now, take that feeling and multiply it by fifty. What you get is two hours of smooth rhythmic classic hip-hop from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK. It's the fifth installment of their Summertime mixtape and we've spent our summer listening to all five volumes on repeat. Have a listen and keep those summer dreams alive.