[ON THE STREET] Hey Jude and Broken Promises Release "One of a Kind" Jewelry Collection Tonight In Mount Pleasant

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There's reason to celebrate tonight over at the Hey Jude pop-up shop. It's the release of their "One of a Kind" jewelry collection made by designer Karen La (Broken Promises). If the name sounds familiar that's because Hey Jude has carried the jewelry line in their shop over the last two months and have been working quietly on this exclusive collection.

Hey Jude also has a few other new and awesome items in store for the last month of their Fall-Winter shop. From the inbox:

"For the event tomorrow we're celebrating for a few reasons! It's really to kick-off December and let people know about the new things we'll have in the shop and what to expect to see over the next few weeks. We're launching our new winter collection as well as Karen's "One of a Kind" jewelry collection for Hey Jude. Reassembly is bulking up their selection in store (new body + face oils, soaps bars, more Beardo, and she is making us an original flavor "Hey Jude lip balm". Greff growler carriers will be stocked! Within the week we'll be adding customized wrapping paper, coasters + candles holders (from local designer Char Kennedy) and possibly some ceramics.

This launch party sounds like a pretty sweet start to a Saturday night started and if the photos from their Winter collection are any indication, it will be pretty.

Check out the photos below and get yourself over to 196 Kingsway tonight from 6-9PM.

*Photos credit: Danaea Li Photography