[ON THE STREET] Geometric Collage Exhibition "High Functioning" By #SarahGeeMiller Opening Tonight At Back Gallery Project

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This past Spring we had the pleasure of hosting Sarah Gee Miller at our Chinatown space for her solo exhibition titled "I Got Lost Then I Got Found".

The artist is presenting another solo exhibition and it opens tonight around the corner at Back Gallery Project with a reception from 5-8PM - not a bad way to start off your Friday night.

From this morning's inbox:

Sarah Gee Miller lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She works with archival cardstock, often painted in acrylics, to make collages revealing an interest in regularity, equilibrium and the formalities of hard-edged abstraction. The superimposition of vibrant colour and mathematically-derived forms results in what she calls utopian geometry – that is, acknowledging there is rationality and clarity alongside the magical properties of symmetry and beauty.

In this exhibition, Sarah Gee Miller's continuing exploration of high-saturation colour and geometry continues with the addition of topographical elements into her collage work. These unexpected spatial shifts - elevations and depressions made by adding layers of material into the compositions - expands our visual engagement with work. 

The exhibit runs throughout December at 602 E. Hastings. See more of Sarah's work here.