[ON THE STREET] Four Days Left To Visit #HeyJudeShop In Mount Pleasant

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You know that friend you've been meaning to visit while they're in town only to keep putting it off because you know they'll be here for a few months? Then one day you wake up to a photo of them on a flight back home and realize you're a bad friend. Don't be that friend.

We're giving you a few days heads up because this Sunday Hey Jude packs up shop, and while we know they'll be back (like all good friends), we don't know when. If you've been sleeping on it for the past three months, get your act together and head over there right now. There's good stuff in store.

And, if you've already been this season (thanks lovely), there are a few good reasons to stop in again. "We've added candle holders from Char (local designer Charlotte Kennedy), and small stocking stuffer candles from Woodlot", write shop-owners Lauren & Lyndsey. They've also invited visiting artist Katya Bryskina, a self-proclaimed celestial architect and artists from Tel-Aviv for the Planet of Consciousness installation.


In the spirit of the season, Lauren and Lyndsey are also donating clothes to The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre this week. They write:

For every piece we sell, we'll donate a piece to the centre. Regardless of sales, we'll donate at least 30 pieces and are encouraging others to drop off any clothes that they want us to donate for them. We chose this organization because of our connection to Chinatown and hope that our clothes can provide extra warmth and confidence for women in need. 

#HeyJudeShop pop-up is open 11-7PM daily at 196 Kingsway St.