[FIRST LOOK] Looking Ahead To Next Week's Modern Sculpture Exhibition By Rudolf #Sokolovski

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

Rudolf Sokolovski was fortunate enough to be exposed to art at a very early age. The sculptor spend his childhood in his father's studio, playing, learning, and eventually helping the famed monumentalist-sculptor Valeri Sokolovski.

His father has exhibited for over 30 years across the globe from Ukraine, to Italy, Japan, New York, and extensively around their adopted Vancouver home. So naturally, we were humbled when Rudolf contacted us to have his first solo exhibit in our Chinatown storefront and begin forging his personal path on what will be the first of many solo exhibitions.

Sokolovski's bronze and wood modern sculptures explore themes of beauty, inspiration, and the power of the human form. He uses Tectonics and Linear Expressionism, a style of rhythmic lines and the flow of forms to express emotion.

"I have to create, otherwise I'm miserable" says Sokolovski, whose obsession with his craft is inescapable. He spends his time studying the human figure in a way that most of us, who inhabit these bodies simply do not take the time to do. "There is no greater beauty on earth." he declares. His appreciation for the beauty of the human form is evident through his sculptures.

#Sokolovski will be exhibiting life-size portrait busts of inspirational figures from October 14 - 19 at 434 Columbia St. The gallery is open daily from 11AM - 7PM Monday to Saturday and to 5PM on Sunday.