[FIRST LOOK] #HouseofGold One-Night Sumptuous Fashion Show And Vogue Ball Performance Coming October 29

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

We welcome fashion label #HouseofGold, brought to you by sound artist and designer, Sara Gold. Her garments are clad with beadwork, wings, leather detailing, with roaring texture and voluminous vintage furs. For the love of the details, here's a little more on Sara Gold, Proprietor of #HouseofGold.

She's in it to change our perception of fur in the fashion world. Go girl, we're backing you up on this. Originally trained as a sound artist Sara has worked all her creative strengths to form a very authentic aesthetic matched by fine craftsmanship (we don't know very many people that can sew a corset). She works exclusively with vintage and antique materials, specializing in fur - seam ripping and reworking the old to create new contemporary pret-a-porter pieces and couture for the discerning individual.  

She is in love with anything old, with aura and patina. Her collection of analog vintage synthesizers, the house of gold garments, her archive of furs over 40 years old, and her ancient industrial sewing machine that just keeps on keepin' on. Her work is the labour of love and it's straight up sumptuous. 

This event will kick off with industry professionals and the creatively inclined wrangled together through Cody Gold's musical lineup and hot art filling the space. There will be a vogue ball performance woven with a fashion show and...wait for it... the audience is encouraged to dress the part and play along! This is your chance to try on the goods and get a little theatrical with it. 

A couple dollars suggested donation to support the vogue performers. Doors 7PM, Vogue Ball Performance 9PM. All ages are welcome.


Source: http://saragold.ca/