[FIRST LOOK] Design-Inspired Vintage #HeyJudeShop Opens In Mount Pleasant For Fall/Winter 2014

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

The designed-focused vintage clothing brand, #HeyJudeShop held their first pop-up one evening inside co-owner Lauren Clark's apartment years ago.

Since then, the vintage curators have set up shop a few days at a time around town, opened a working studio, and consistently appear in Eco Fashion Week. When the lease on their studio came up earlier this month, they took the next step and set up shop for three months - their longest pop-up to date.

It's a natural progression for Lauren and co-owner Lyndsey Chow. "The pop-up is meant to represent what our future permanent shop will look like - a curated shop of vintage as well as local and international well designed brands of quality goods." says Chow.

They describe their brand as "design inspired vintage", and the fashion forward separates of neutrals and muted pastels certainly don't lie. Their unique hand picked trend-forward collection is on point and their pieces are a standout in any closet (just ask the dapper Dane from Bestie).

You'll have a few reasons to visit more than a few times over the next weeks. Alongside a women's collection they're putting out their menswear button-ups, jackets, crewnecks, and accessories. They're also adding fresh stock each week.

To start things off, they've invited local brands Broken Promises and Woodlot in store with plans to add more as the weeks go on. For the holidays, you can look forward to a one-stop shop for locally made goods including leathers, jewelry, and more. Count on us to break the news as they add new brands to the shop.

We have a strong admiration for #HeyJudeShop, having been fortunate enough to work with them since the early days. In a way, our young businesses have grown together over the last two years. We're pretty pumped that they've taken the next step towards their goal of a permanent store and can't wait for that day.

Until then, we rejoice that they'll have a shop at least until the end of this year.

The pop-up opens on Wednesday, October 8 at 196 Kingsway Ave. Shop hours are WED-SUN 11-7PM from October to November with additional hours for December. Keep an eye on our Upcoming calendar for details.