[THROUGH THEIR LENS] Introducing Contributing Photographer & Curator Becky Philpott

[THROUGH THEIR LENS] is a series that showcases our favourite photographers from Vancouver and around the world. It also lives on our blog, just over on the right. 

Our friendship with Becky Philpott started over a year ago and she's since curated two photography shows at our Chinatown store. These shows inspired us to start this series on our blog - and who better to contribute than Becky.  We're proud to introduce her as a regular contributor for this blog series. You can expect to find a new featured photographer on here each month curated by Becky.

But not only does Becky curate, she also creates as a talented photographer. Becky Philpott has taken many a photo in many a place all over the world. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, she studied Editorial Photography at the University of Brighton in the UK. From there, she worked for Magnum Photos in London before heading over to New York to work with the infamous Steve McCurry. Her photographs have travelled nearly as far as she has, to be featured in shows in New York, Melbourne, Dublin, Brighton and Vancouver, to name a few. Her influences stem from William Eggleston too Lee Friedlander. We think her work is quite like Andreas Gursky - just on a much smaller scale.

Check out her website and blog to see for yourself.