[RECESS] Studio Visit With #HeyJudeShop Owner's Lauren Clark and Lyndsey Chow

[RECESS] is when we get to hear the stories of the good people behind the pop-up. It's our favourite time and we share these conversations with you.

"Now we feel ready to move on to a more full-time store", says Lauren Clark, one half of the duo behind Hey Jude. Along with long time friend and business partner Lyndsey Chow, the design-inspired vintage curators are in the midsts of a three month pop-up shop in Mt. Pleasant.

They left their Chinatown studio after the lease expired in October, in search of a home for the fall-winter pop-up and a new workspace. Their adjoining studio and shop inside MakerLabs at 196 Kingsway means that they can open their longest pop-up to date and start working on that eventual full-time store.

Over the years, Lauren and Lyndsey have become veterans in the pop-up game with more than a handful under their (vintage) belts. "Through this whole process we've been figuring out what our brand is and our story is. And I feel like now, and probably for the last few pop-ups, it's been consistent and now we know who we are." says Lauren. "With the vision of having our own (permanent) shop, it's not just us working retail it's having a home base where we get to do these other things, including designing our own fashion line." adds Lyndsey.

They have an eye for classic design and a knack for finding those pieces that are still relevant today. If you're as lucky as us and have seen how quickly their brand has matured, you know that they're well on their way to making a store and their own fashion line a reality.

The three month pop-up means that they have to keep things fresh (like any other permanent shop, or at least the ones who do it well). Currently, the shop has a selection of locally made small goods, including WoodlotBroken Promises Jewelry, and Reassembly. They're set to bring in other local makers for December and have a few exclusives up their sleeves.

"Karen from Broken Promises is making five-piece Hey Jude jewelry line for us" says Lyndsey. And there's even a Hey Jude lip balm being made Josée from Reassembly. Expect a launch event for this sometime in December and you can bet we'll let you know all about it.

Bonus: we've given our Instagram account over the Lauren and Lyndsey this week and they'll be posting from behind the scenes of their buying trips and shop life. Check it out.