[ON THE STREET] Quick! Grab The Last Ticket For Saturday Night's #PortageShop Dinner

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This morning we handed keys over to Andrea and Melanie, the two designers co-organizing #PortageShop which is set to open tomorrow morning and going all week at 434 Columbia.

The pop-up is set in a cozy cabin space and on Friday and Saturday night they'll even have the table set for a long table dinner. The first dinner sold out long ago, but there's one ticket left for Saturday night's gathering. Snatch it here and join 'em in making some new friends.

They will be serving Nordic style cured salmon, kale and green bean vegetable soup, slow roasted herb encrusted pork loin, apple and beet vegetable slaw and garlic rosemary mashed potatoes. And it doesn't end there. For dessert, ice cream sandwiches topped with hazelnut, chocolate cookie and drizzled to perfection with caramel sauce.

A cocktail is included in your ticket and for all other drinks you need in order to feel like you're off the map camping in the woods without your visa on hand, there's a cash bar by donation. Can you believe it? You're definitely going to need a nap by the fireplace after.