[FIRST LOOK] #NomadCollective Bringing Snowboards & Streetwear To Chinatown

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

Chinatown's set to become a busy neighbourhood for pop-up shops over the next few weeks. Opening on November 21 'till the 30th down the street at 230 E. Pender is #NomadCollective and they're taking over the front of our friend's store Space Lab (a.k.a The Lodge). If Space Lab sounds familiar that's because you've probably seen it at 126 E. Pender where they hosted Luke's General Store pop-up and Bootleg Barber's in the back. In August they moved into an even bigger space at 230 E. Pender and brought the barber shop with them. Space Lab's owner and neighbourhood good-guy Clint is all about collaboration and we're working with him to fill the front of his store with revolving pop-ups.

#NomadCollective is a snowboard and streetwear brand spearheaded by owner and head designer, Dave Greenfield. You've probably got a friend like him. He's the kind of guy who guides backcountry snowmobile trips, scuba dives with sharks, and runs with the bulls in Pamplona. In another capacity, he's an illustrator and designer taking time to develop a brand that includes gear for both men and women (to be launched soon), mountain adventure films, and a snowboard team to represent the brand's collective vision (and it all looks as sharp as a freshly tuned snowboard's edge).

Independently owned and operated out of Vancouver, travel and adventure are a jumping point to design quality snowboards and clothes to suit the explorer inside all of us. The collective aspect is highlighted by the collaborative nature of the work they design. They're gearing up to produce more adventure films this winter on the mountains (in our backyard) and designing flannels, button ups, and jackets to kickstart the women's line for badass girls. That's all to be expected in the coming year. Hmm, reminds us of how successful the Carhartt line WIP has been in recent times. You know, that brand that used their history of industrial workwear (canvas jackets with triple seamed hems originally for men) to become a unisex streetwear line. #NomadCollective has some interesting values about what it means to be who you are 24-hours a day, no costume changes necessary.

Opening night for the pop-up shop is November 21 and if you've ever partied with 'boarders you know you're in for a good time. The shop is open daily until the 30th from 11-7PM and 6PM on Sundays. Check our Upcoming calendar for full hours.

Insider's Secret: If you shop online they just might custom draw a graphic (like the pirate ship seen above) on your envelope.