[FIRST LOOK] Swedish Heritage Brand #Fjällräven Set To Open Concept Store In Chinatown

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

Fjällräven is bringing a pop-up to our Chinatown store next week and we couldn't be happier to host the Swedish heritage brand.

Cast your imagination back to 1950, a young Swedish boy named Åke Nordin wanted to go for a hike with his pal in the slopes of Västerbotten, Northern Sweden. Feeling held back by the cumbersome, impractical and shapeless rucksack of his childhood, Åke whipped up a frame structure concealed by canvas - a prototype to test the distribution of weight (tools, a good book, food rations etc). With the convenience of his mothers home sewing machine, little Åke made his mark in the world at an early age, out of good old fashioned necessity.

Fast forward to the present. The Fjällräven Kånken, one of the most loved backpacks for kids, adults, and fashion forward city slickers (that means you) across the world is here. For three weeks, they'll have their well-known Kånken bags in special edition colours, as well as a few surprises in store.


I'm personally a big fans of the Kånken backpacks and took mine on a trip to New York earlier this year - it was all I took. It's stylish enough to dress up or down, compact enough to let me get around town in a New-York minute, and accessible. The full-zip front opens up like a suitcase letting me get to everything easily without aimlessly digging around from the top. 

This pop-up has been a long time coming and it's a bit of a dream come true for us. Join us in celebrating the #FjallravenPopUp opening next Tuesday starting at 7pm. Bring friends.

The #FjallravenPopUp is open December 9 - 31. Full shop hours here.