[FIRST LOOK] #BajaBeans Roasting Company Set To Open Weekend Pop-Up Café

[FIRST LOOK] is where we introduce a new pop-up for the very first time. It's now in our Upcoming calendar and should be in yours too.

North Vancouver family starts coffee roasting company in Baja, Mexico. Awesome headline, right? This is about family, coffee, travel, and love.

Five years ago on a trip to Baja California Sur, Alec and April Tidey made their big discovery after connecting with a tight community on a coffee plantation known as the finca. They soon after began roasting low batch premium coffee inspired by their neighbours.

#BajaBeans coffee is a premium high-grade single origin coffee that is shade grown under macadamia nut and pine trees in Puebla at an altitude of 2600-3900 ft. With an organic mulch recycled on the finca, the combination of soils, temperature and humidity creates the distinct palate that makes the Baja Beans brand unique. The Tidey family rocks a gorgeous 1980's Probat Roaster (above) and are bringing the brick and mortar character from their café in Pescadero, Mexico to Vancouver for two days. Coffee snobs, you'll loose your socks. This is sweet sweet aromatic organic stuff.

They'll be serving up french-press coffee on Saturday and Sunday from 10-3PM. The family's shipped up some bags of freshly roasted #BajaBeans for sale this weekend. They're joined by sweet treats from My Edible Advice and local favourite Erin Ireland's To Die For Banana Bread and Lemon Loaf.

There's also a hurricane-relief-inspired fundraiser social on deck for Saturday night from 7-11PM. Our friends Postmark Brewing are sponsoring the shingding generous to keep us warm and happy. Bonus: Aaron Avram commonly known as  DJ Aavram will keep your feet dancing all night. Between the beer and the steady nostalgic music you might just feel like you're in Baja watching the waves - just don't get too caught up in the moment and remember to bring your umbrella, we're still in Vancouver folks.

Tickets for the fundraiser social are now on sale on Eventbrite.

All proceeds from the café and the fundraiser social are supporting Baja Beans Roasting Co.'s efforts to rebuild the community of Pescadero, Mexico recently affected by Hurricane Odile.



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