[ON THE STREET] Interesting Vancouver Gathers The Curious And Unexpected On November 7th

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Our friends over at Interesting Vancouver (the younger sister of Vancouver Creative Mornings) are gearing up to host this seasons Interesting Vancouver. The line-up of speakers is a mind blow. We couldn't imagine a more more diverse cross-section, and that's really saying something. Right?

Here's a brief insider's look at what to expect...

Interesting Vancouver is a gathering of the curious and unexpected. Think of those people that make your head turn at the cross walk for whatever reason. It's a celebration of the obscure and the genius, the authentic at the mesmerizing. The aim is to expand our collective vision and back each other up in order to celebrate the creativity and obscurity of the wacky, authentic, hard working people, young and old, in our city. Speakers reveal their layers and their energy is KAPOW calibre. 

Through sharing, discourse and workshopping with your hands and brains in unison, attendees will be inspired to discover and engage in new hobbies, launch their ideas, and positively affect their local communities and economies. 

This isn't another lecture series. We checked it out, tickets are hot cakes. See you there.