[IT'S BEEN SAID BEFORE] George Costanza In Seinfeld Season 2, Episode 6: "The Statue"

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In honour of this week's #Sokolovski sculpture exhibition, we reflect back on one of our favourite Seinfeld episodes "The Statue". In this episode, Jerry suspects that his cleaning guy stole a statue from the apartment and after telling his buddy George about the theft, Constanza appropriately tells this story:


"When I was ten years old, my parents had this very same statue on the mantle of our apartment. Exactly, and, one day, I grabbed it, and I was using it as a microphone. I was singing, "MacArthur Park", and I got to the part about, "I'll never have that recipe again," and it slipped out of my hand and it broke. My parents looked at me like I smashed the Ten Commandments. To this day, they bring it up. It was the single most damaging experience in my life, aside from seeing my father naked."


Now press play, close your eyes, and picture a young George Constanza singing along. You're welcome.